Property Design & Pasture Consultations


Consultancy services:

  • LAND PRE-PURCHACE: We offer pre-purchase consultations that focus on the practicality and functionality of your purchase. Once you have established an interest in purchasing a particular property for its location, we will spend time with you looking at the effects of past pasture management on the land and assist you with sustainable goal-setting for the property to provide for your future needs.
  • LAND OWNERS: Getting it right from the start. For new land owners and established properties we provide consultancy services to  regenerate pastures, drought proof farms  and set up sustainable and productive farm systems.  We provide recommendations on main frame farm (re-)design by looking at  water, access and structures.
  • PASTURE MANAGEMENT: We offers powerful and effective consultancy services for land and horse owners seeking Equine Pasture Management using Permaculture principles,  Keyline® Design, Holistic Grazing Planning® and Foraging behaviour (BEHAVE) to regenerate properties and pastures. Overgrazing, compaction, erosion, oxidation, salinity and even horse-sick pastures are not uncommon on horse properties. If you want to turn your pastures into healthy grasslands for you horses you have to start improving your soil! The soil grows the grass the horse feeds on.

Our Pasture management day courses run on your property or at a Pony/Equestrian Club, and empower horse owners to be actively involved in the care of the soil that your horse feeds from. Reducing input cost by up to 80% and working on a closed system of pasture health.

  • CONSTRUCTION: MB Equine Services can also organise and manage your farm constructions including earth works – dam & swale design, fencing, lane-way & central point systems, forage enrichment systems, tree planting as well as your own kitchen garden!

The consultation process:

1. Pre- Visit: Phone contact to establish the outcomes from the site visit and what you want to achieve with the property. We need to know the history of your land and the district you’re in. Rainfall per year. Land care issues in your area. Sending us Plans/Contour plans of the site (mail or Email preferred), Google Earth map with latitude and longitude for pin point location and further research. We offer additional service to source contour plans of your property and print them in large format.

2. Site Visit on the Property. Walk or Drive the property with you, looking at where the specific needs are of the site like Water, Access and Structures.

3. Education: Actively engaging you and teaching you the art of land observation reading. Reading what the land is doing and the lands journey to where it is today. Taking measurements and identifying parts of the property with particular potential i.e. Dam sites, Swale systems, fodder systems, paddocks.

4. Plan: An initial concept plan of the property is developed showing locations of major elements and identifying the factors that will guide you as you further develop the property.

5. Evaluation: Finally, spending time with you outlining our thoughts, answering your questions and explaining your new concept plan. The process usually takes between 5 to 6 hours, depending on the size of the property. This education introduction will become of high value to you over time, adding value to your investment and giving you the confidence to move forward to a sustainable biological system of equine management.

What are the costs for consulting & construction?

Depending on the size of your property and goals we offer:

  • Half day consultation: 1 hr research pre-visit, 2-3 hrs on site. 10am 1pm
  • Full day consultation: 2 hr research pre-visit, 5-6 hrs on site. 10am – 4pm
  • Multiple days – for larger projects and construction management – contact us

We will compile a personal quote for you to review. Every property is different – so discuss your goals with us and we will do our best to tailor a consultation and/or design service to you needs. For more information contact us. 

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