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Sustainable Horse keeping & Equine Permaculture

Generally, horse keeping is considered to be a costly hobby or business, especially with current price rises in living expenses and feed costs. On top of that, horse and land owners encounter the high input costs or difficulties to maintain pastures and sustain the dietary needs of horses.  The need for a new approach to these challenges of horse keeping is getting more foot hold in the equine community and sport industry. To be able to make horse keeping more economically viable and productive we must develop a sustainable horse property and management plan that caters for immediate and long-term needs, your own personal goals (social, economical), your horse’s well-being and the environment.

We have the experience to help you through your journey of restoring landscape fertility and decreasing your dependence on high cost, high input equine property management!

MB Equine Services provides this new approach by integrating regenerative strategies including Permaculture principles, Keyline® Design, Holistic Management® (HM) and Behavioural Education for Humans, Animals, Vegetation and Ecosystem Management (BEHAVE). Our Regenerative Horse Property Design and Pasture Management consultancy services are for all horse and land owners, small and large acreage, that want to restore their land, improve soil carbon, regenerate pastures, drought proof their farm and close the input cycle of chemical based fertilisers by developing their own biofertiliser alternative and reduce supplementary feed cost. We provide specialised education and consultancy services in full main frame property (re) design, swale and dam design, Keyline® Design, Regenerative Pasture Management, Holistic Grazing Planning®, horse forage systems, forage enrichment and slow feeding strategies, and compost (tea) training and supply.

We offer the following services:
Equine Pasture Management Consultancy Services
Regenerative Horse Property Consultancy & Design Services
Grazing Planning, Forage Enrichment & Keyline Design


“Having newly purchased a farm and wanting to discover the interface between permacultural principles and horses, we were excited to find MB Equine Services.
The visit by Mariette van den Berg and Nick Huggins opened a world of possibilities into equine permaculture. The knowledge they shared continues to pave the future of our farm.
We highly recommend MB Equine Services for those who are looking for that nexus between environmental awareness and cutting edge horse management.” November 30, 2011

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Cherry Kawamoto

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