Equine Nutrition Consultancy

MB Equine Nutrition Consultancy assists the equine industry and horse owners with professional and practical information about horse nutrition. We provide high-quality consultation services for horse owners, breeders, equestrian sport stables, trainers, and feed/supplement companies.

Applied equine nutrition science and integrated horse management is the key to your horse’s health and performance!

Equine nutrition advise is not only about evaluating and formulating pony or horse diets according their nutritional needs, it involves various other aspects such as your personal goal-setting, time management, general feeding and horse management and property and pasture planning. We discovered that a holistic perspective is essential in horse (nutrition) management and we therefore provide education and consultancy services that take important horse care and personal aspects into consideration to be able to maintain the desired outcomes over long-term.

Consultation services

Feed ration check!

Not sure if your horse is getting a balanced diet or how to improve your horse’s body condition or performance appearance?

We can evaluate your horse’s specific nutritional needs and situation and formulate an individual well-balanced diet that support your horse’s health and performance.

Feed evaluation can be done on site or online. You will receive information and a questionnaire to provide us with details about your horse’s current diet and feeding management. We will evaluate the diet and feeding management and you will be given a full report and feeding program.

Go to our consultations page for more information about our feed evaluation and formulation services and costs.

Feed cost check!

Is your feeding bill too much or are you not sure if you have the best feeding strategy and feed products?

We can evaluate your stud or stable feed management and formulate the most cost effective feed ratio and program for all of your horses. You will be given a full report with your feed evaluation, formulation and recommended feed products to reduce feeding cost and maintain your horse’s health and performance. Custom concentrates or supplements designed for your horses and produced in bulk can maybe cut your cost! See our consultations page for more information about our services and contact us for a personal quote.

Improve your pastures!

In addition, we can assist you with designing and managing your horse property and pastures in such a way that you can support your horses with your own forages. With good pasture and property planning you can increase soil fertility and grow your own forage systems. Fresh feeds and roughage are best diet for your horse and will also reduce extra feeding costs!   For more information about our regenerative horse property design and pasture management click here.  


Feed evaluation

  • Evaluation of your horse(s) rations and feed management/programs
  • Dietary nutrients will be compared with the recommended nutrient requirements of horses produced by the National Research Council (2007) and recognised new research data.
  • Feeding cost analysis to evaluate expenses and minimise feeding costs.

Feed analysis

  • Forages make up at least 50% of your horse’s diet. We provide information and services for sampling your roughage/ conserved forage batches for analysis. The composition of conserved forages is determined by many factors and it may not always be feasible to test your roughage batches. However, we do encourage horse owners/studs to test batches if they are able to get a large supply at once, this will give you more specific analytical information for your horse’s feed evaluation and formulation during that season.  We also recommend monitoring roughage if you own ponies and horses that are sensitive to developing laminitis. In those cases it is important to test the batches for Non-Structural Carbohydrates (NSC) content.
  • On request we also provide services for sampling concentrates and supplements.
  • Samples are send to certified laboratories to analyse important constituents.
  • Reporting of feed analysis and recommendations.

Blood analysis

  • It may be necessary to do a blood analysis on horses that are sick or recovering from injury, surgery or illness. Horses that have problems with maintaining a moderate body condition or losing lots of weight may also benefit of having a full blood analysis report made up. These results assist with the formulation of a proper diet and feed program for these horses.

Diet formulation and recommendations

  • Optimising the diet and feed program of your horse(s) to balance nutrient levels, improve body condition and performance of
    • Pleasure horses, ponies, stallions, broodmares, growing foals, preparation of young horses for sale, auction and/or shows, racing horses, pacers, equestrian horses, endurance horses and stock horses.
  • Specific feed management strategies for stallions, broodmares and growing foals/young horses to improve productivity and reduce diseases.
  • Feed product recommendations.

Formulation and production of custom supplements & feed products

  • This service is especially for those stables and studs that want to reduce the variety of commercial pellets/supplements for their stallions, broodmares and growing foals. Custom concentrates or supplements that are specially formulated for these group horses and produced in bulk can reduce your feeding costs.
  • Evaluation of feed rations and requirements of your horse(s)
  • Formulation of custom concentrate or supplements and cost benefit analysis.
  • Assisting in the production and logistics of your custom made concentrates and/or supplements

Feed and supplement companies

Research and Development

  • Development and maintenance of current feed or supplement products
  • R&D of new feed or supplement products
  • Compiling information sheets and product guides for feed or supplement products


  • Compiling equine nutrition articles for magazines and websites
  • Educational presentations
  • Tutoring of students
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