Dressage Coaching & Training

Mariette  is passionate about classical riding principles, balanced riding techniques and evidence-based training/coaching. She enjoys teaching and with her enthusiasm for training horses and dressage riding she will do her best to help you achieve new goals.
The aim is to train you and your horse accordingly to your abilities and goals from recreation to competition riders.
  • Developing and improve your horse balance and straightness and understanding the biomechanics
  • Developing and improve riders feeling, identify tenseness and stiffness of joints and muscles and be able to correct position or movement of the horse
  • Developing independent seat and riders aids and improve relaxation of both horse and rider.
  • Developing and improve contact and lightness
  • Developing and improve cadence, impulsion and collection.
  • Developing and improve correctness of school figures and preparation for competitions.

General lessons 45-60 min. For riders with young horses she gives lessons of 30-35min. Mariette is available for private or shared lessons at your Equestrian/Pony clubs or own facilities. She is also available for dressage and equine nutrition/pasture management workshops. For more  information about clinics and coaching please contact Mariette and for more information about other workshops click here.


As with her coaching Mariette is also passionate about training horses. She has experience in (re-) training various horses. Mariette prepared horses for classifications and/or competitions. With her evidence-based and classical training she aims to train your horse accordingly to its ability and use tact and sensitivity to reach your goals.

  • Re-training or rehabilitation from injury
  • Preparation for competition and/or sales
  • Preparation of young horses for classification or auction sales
  • Lungeing and ground work
  • Developing or improving your horse balance, straightness, contact and impulsion.

For more information about this service and costing please contact Mariette.


 Dressage Rider and Coach  

Mariette van den Berg BAppSc.(Hons), MSc. (Equine nutrition)

Since the age of 12 Mariette has been passionate about horse riding and dressage. She started horse riding at the riding school “Manege de Veenhoeve” in the north of the Netherlands. After practising a year on school master ponies Mariette traded the riding school for a private stable where she trained and competed ponies and horses in dressage, show jumping and eventing at national level.

Throughout her animal science degree Mariette continued with training horses. Besides owning a beautiful black Oldenburger Warmblood, that she competed at high level dressage nationally, Mariette trained a number of other horses for private sport horse stables and breeding studs in Europe.

In The Netherlands she was also involved with the preparation of various young horses and foals for the Royal Dutch Sport Horse classifications and auction sales. In addition, to all the training work Mariette assisted at a veterinarian clinic specialised in equine reproduction and embryo transplantation to develop more experience in horse breeding.

Mariette is fascinated about the origin of dressage and after reading more literature on classical riding she became interested to integrate these principles in her training.  In 2008 Mariette started her classical dressage and instruction training at the Classical Breeding and Training Centre Moravita in the Netherlands. At Moravita she had the opportunity to ride various schoolmaster Lipizzaner and Fredriksborger stallions.

In 2009 she moved to Australia and founded MB Equine Services that offers dressage coaching & training and specialised equine nutrition and regenerative horse property design and pasture management consulting services. Mariette is an EA NCAS (L1 Dressage) registered coach and H level NSW judge. For more information about dressage lessons, clinics & training contact Mariette.

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